About the OH Club

The Club is over 100 years old and has in excess of  4000 members. It organises events and reunions, produces an annual magazine, offers memorabilia for sale, will support career mentoring between alumni and offers a range of awards to support OH.


The Club informs all its members from time to time about matters of common interest concerning the School. It manages its own funds and is run on a not for profit basis, by a small committee of vounteers elected at the annual AGM. Any excess of income over expenditure is used to further the stated Club objectives.

The Club could, for example, launch appeals for the benefit of the School and may apply some of its assets to fund in-school projects. 

Linked to the OH Club is the The OH Fund who manage the Zimmerman Legacy. Trustees manage the properties owned by the Fund, provide bursaries, award special prizes or offer help in any other way that they believe will be for the good of all Cathedral School students. 


No OH Magazine coming to you?

The OH publication packed full of news about OHs everywhere, is sent annually to all members during the last months of the year.

If you have not been receiving your copy, it may be that we do not have your current postal address. To remedy this email us your up-to-date contact details.

On the other hand, if you and your relations are all receiving an OH Magazine when one would suffice, please let us know and we will arrange to send only one copy to the designated address. All such enquiries, please, to development@herefordcs.com


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Email : c.morganjones@herefordcs.com or development@herefordcs.com