This page shows a list of Lost Alumni.  We have no contact information for these people, so if you know them, please encourage them to contact us.

NameLeaving year
Allen, Robert, Mr1993
Bradshaw, Catherine H, Ms1993
Brown, Emma, Miss1993
Campbell-Morgan, Robert, Mr1963
Canning, Arthur James, Mr1963
Challenger, Frank Cyril, Mr1963
Chandler, Paul A, Mr1993
Clark, George Michael, Mr1963
Clarke, George Michael, Mr1963
Court, Matthew G, Mr1993
Crump, Gail A, Miss1993
Davies, Noel A, Mr (Deceased)1963
Dodson, Adrian Gerald, Mr1963
Duncan, William Robert, Mr1963
Eckley, Robert Brian, Mr1963
Edwards, Raymond Peter, Mr1963
Force, D C Richard, Mr1993
Freeman, Lindsay J, Ms1993
Goodwin, Anna, Miss1993
Greenwood, Anthony E, Mr1993
Gregory, Louisa C J, Miss1993
Gwilliams, Kate O, Miss1993
Harris, Nigel Edward, Mr (Deceased)1963
Hewitt, Lucy E, Miss1993
Hewlett, Rebecca F, Miss1993
Hill, Peter Michael Stuart, Mr1963
Hilton, Jamie D, Miss1993
Hiscox, Anna, Miss1993
Ingram, Christopher J, Mr1993
Jayne, Donald Tewnion, Mr1963
Jeffrey, Benedict J, Mr1993
Johnson, Claudine G, Miss1993
Jones, M Christopher, Mr1993
Lerego, Maxwell A, Mr1993
Lloyd, Mark R, Mr1993
Loly, Joanne M, Mrs (Prince)1993
Marsh, Jessica M V, Miss1993
Marshall, William L, Mr1993
Mears, Anthony W, Mr1993
Moore, Rebecca L, Miss1993
Morris, Paul, Mr1963
Morris, Rowena A, Miss1993
O'Connor, Richard Malcolm, Mr1963
Paterson, Jeremy J, Mr1963
Pickard, Timothy Martin, Mr1963
Piercy, Zofia, Miss1993
Powell, Edward Michael, (Lt Col)1963
Price, Kevin A, Mr1993
Rainbow, John, Mr (Deceased)1963
Robbins, Amy E, Miss1993
Rumsey, John, Mr1963
Rumsey, W L, Mr1993
Sarkar, B T Jit, Mr1993
Sherwood, John R, Mr1963
Smith, Richard M, Mr1993
Thomas, Zoe, Miss1993
Tuckett-Goode, Suzannah, Miss1993
Walton, Anna L, Miss1993
Waters, James D, Mr1993
Williams, Robert John, Mr1963
Wylie, Fiona, Miss1993
Yarker, Melanie, Miss1993
Yeo, Alexandra, Miss1993
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